SAK Catalog Images

Here are the original Victorinox artwork images for some of their special Anniversary knives and other catalog pages I have saved from the internet.. I have some production details from Victorinox about some of these knives. Some of these images are large so click them to check out all the details.
700 year Anniversary for Swiss Victorinox knives
Production numbers for these 3 knives were;
1.3713.91 Huntsman 700 year Jubliee 1991 - 30,580 copies
1.3603.91 Spartan 700 year Jubliee 1991 - 53,440 copies
0.6223.91 Classic 700 year Jubliee 1991 - 25,730 copies

1897-1997 anniversary Victorinox knives
Production numbers for these 2 knives were;
1.3603.J97 Spartan Jubliee 100 year 1997 - 52,510 copies
1.6794.J97 SwissCham Jubliee 100 year 1997 - 35,980 copies

Image Victorinox Ibach for special Classics

Entire Boxed set Collection of the Victorinox Battle Series

1978 Ad Copy for the Safari 108mm line

Catalog pages from Smico a Canadian dealer for Victorinox
Special Economy models

Older Spanish or German Catalog pages

More old catalog pages probably from the late 1950's or mid 1960's.

Victorinox image-Product History/Timeline

Wenger Dynasty Series

Older 1960's and 1970's era catalog pages for Victorinox/Elinox Alox knives.