Thursday, July 31, 2008

Victoria Victorinox "Aladdins Lamp" Bijou

Here is an oldie.
This is a nice old Victoria tang stamped classic with Aladdin's Lamp instead of the regular Swiss Army Cross and Shield. Notice the old style cut fingernail file and single leaf scissor spring. This one has the original metal tipped tweezers too. Sweet knife in tip-top shape too! Kinda makes you wonder who ordered these

Friday, July 18, 2008

Swiss Army Watch knife!

OK, so here is a sweet little knife. Its a genuine Victorinox classic signature with sapphire handles and it has the Victorinox Swiss Army Watch logo on the one side that has the retractable pen in it. I have never seen another like it. Maybe it was made for some company that sells Victorinox watches, who knows. I asked around and it seems that it was not a regular Victorinox offering so it must be an advertising knife.