Thursday, September 25, 2008

"ECOLAB" Health Care Swiss Lite

This is a nice little knife. It is a Victorinox Swiss Lite model with "ECOLAB" Health Care company logo and name on the back side. Being a Swiss Lite model means it has a red LED mini light installed where the toothpick would be. Its hard to find these Swisslite models in white scales. This one is in particularly nice condition too.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Victorinox Classic - Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems red Victorinox Classic. This one has the corporate logo and name on this side. The company's website address is on the other side along with the Swiss Army Cross and Shield.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Special Yellow Victorinox Classic Thyssenkrupp AG - Victorinox classic

This advertising Victorinox Classic has an interesting design on both sides of the handles. The logo design is for the "Thyssenkrup Ag" company. As you can see here this side has a blue logo and blue end color wrapped in yellow. The other side has the same design without the special logo. It is like new, the white area you see along the edge is just part of the design

Monday, September 15, 2008

Victorinox Goldschlager Classic

This is a Victorinox Classic SD with advertising. Goldschlager is a Swiss Cinnamon Schnapps with real gold flakes floating inside. This knife has a gold flake design on both side of the handles. Definitely a unique design.

Il s'agit d'un SD classique Victorinox avec de la publicité. Goldschlager est un Suisse schnaps cannelle avec paillettes réel d'or flottant à l'intérieur. Ce couteau a une conception de paillettes d'or sur les deux côtés des poignées. Certainement un design unique.

Dies ist ein Victorinox Classic SD mit Werbung. Goldschlager ist ein Schweizer Zimt Schnaps mit echtem gold Flakes schwimmende innerhalb. Dieses Messer ist auf beiden Seite der Handles gold Flake gestaltet. Auf jeden Fall ein einzigartiges Design.

Это Victorinox классические SD с рекламой. Goldschlager является швейцарский шнапс корицы с реальной золотых хлопьев, плавающей внутри. Этот нож имеет золотые хлопья дизайн по обе стороны ручки. Определенно уникальный дизайн.

Se trata de un Victorinox de SD clásico con publicidad. Goldschlager es un aguardiente de canela suizo con hojuelas de oro real flotando dentro. Este cuchillo tiene un diseño de escamas de oro en ambos lados de los controladores. Definitivamente un diseño único.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Victorinox Diplomat-Dimpled Stainless Steel classic

This stainless steel handled knife is beautiful. It looks similar to a sterling silver version but it is easy to tell since there are no Sterling or other Silver markings. There is a dimpled pattern to the entire case front and back. The Swiss Army Cross and Shield is done with an enamel. There is a small flat blank area for use as an engraving panel. The normal compliment of tools are there with the newer style screwdriver tip being on the end of the nail file.