Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Victorinox Rover Golfer

This is one of many kinds of Victorinox Golfer type knives. This knife happens to be a Rover model with a Divot Tool instead of a nail file. It has a nice image of a golfer on the front as well. Golf courses and tournaments would sometimes order these type of knives from Victorinox with the golf course name or tournament name printed on side. Some of these knives came with removable or retractable ink pens that were held in the toothpick slot. There are several types of these knives and in many colors but red, black and green are the main colors found with these type of knives. Victorinox makes several sizes of golfing knife including a larger version. Wenger makes an almost dedicated type of golfing knife with several instruments just for a golfer on the course. Photos of these can be seen in some of my photo albums.