Monday, December 8, 2014

Victorinox Delemont Rangergrip 79

Victorinox Delemont Rangergrip 79 - Here is one of the newest Victorinox models made with a mixture of Victorinox and Wenger style parts. The blade is from original Wenger style plain edge one handed opening blade, but it does have a Victorinox tang stamp. The wood saw and cap lifter keeps the original Wenger style tools but the can opener and awl/reamer tools are of original Victorinox design. The rear scales have both inserts, toothpick and tweezers which Wenger never had as an option. Both inserts are the same style, shape as the Victorinox 84/91/111mm series so interchangeable with any of the larger size Victorinox knife inserts. The liner lock is an original Wenger design with a Victorinox shield now used as the operating button.