Friday, April 7, 2017

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife parts kit 4.0581

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife parts kit 4.0581. This has all the inserts you will need for just about any of the Victorinox products. You will be able to fill insert holes in your 58mm, 74mm, 91mm and 111mm Victorinox products. 3 models of ink pens, 3 different models of tweezers, 2 sizes of toothpicks and some micro-screwdrivers for your eyeglasses and even a few scissors springs and key rings. You will find replacement ink pens for a Swiss Card, any 91mm Plus Scales and the retractable pens in the 58mm size. There are special shortened style tweezers for the electronic scales like on your Voyager and Traveler models which have the plus scales on the rear but electronic front scales where there is no slot for the tweezers. Also tweezers for large and small size SAK's made by Victorinox. The case has a nice locking mechanism and is marked "Made in Denmark" on the bottom of the case. It also has 2 removable plastic divider trays that organize the parts. The paper has the Victorinox identity numbers and description of each part and how many are included in the kit.