Sunday, May 7, 2017

Victorinox Victoria Champion Long Nail File

Victorinox Victoria Champion, this Champion model SAK is older with the "Victoria" tang stamp on the back side of the main blade. It also has a couple tools no longer available on modern SAK's. The smaller clip pointed blade has no longer been used since about 1973. It was replaced with the modern drop or spear pointed blade. The Long Nail File tool which is mounted on the bottom side has a different story as there have been a few modern models with this tool but it appears in some early 1970's catalog pages but not after that. There is a modern Climber model with this tool but it seems the tool is no longer available except possibly in their older parts supply. This tool is commonly misused and broken. The mounting for it is only a small pin through 2 aluminium liners. If you are looking at photos of some Victorinox Swiss Army knives and the tool is not deployed so it is easily seen here is what to look for. The Scissors is mounted on the same end as the main blade to allow for the special spring underneath where the Long Nail File is. Also you can visibly see the end of the tool when looking at the bottom side of the SAK. There is also a small cut out in the aluminium liner for the nail nick to open it up. This is an original "Zermat" leather pouch sheath with sharpener. The sharpener was missing so I bought a new replacement for it.