Sunday, October 22, 2017

Wenger Metal 50 Year 2000 Millennium Knife (FOR SALE)

Wenger Metal 50 Year 2000 Millennium Knife, Year 2000 special knife made originally came in special deluxe box with paperwork. Each piece is serial numbered. I have not seen any serial numbers above 2000 so they were probably limited to that number. Supposedly the front designs have gold inlaid on them except the seashell. The knife is based on the Wenger Metal 50 design. This model is a Traveler model with heavy billet metal scales. Some seem to think they are solid stainless steel but a recent photo of a used knife where someone tried sanding them revealed a brass underlying metal with something else on top. I picked this one up used so no box or paperwork. They seem to be very HTF.