Tuesday, April 15, 2008

SAK Cleaning techniques

I have cleaned so many Swiss Army knives of different sizes and have come up with the best ways on how to clean and lubricate them.In this segment I will explain a little trick I use to clean those pesky nail files that get all nasty with crap. 

First thing is you need to go buy yourself a gun cleaning kit of 3 brushes. I usually find them in Wal-Mart sporting goods for around $3. There will be a nylon bristle, steel bristle and a brass bristle brush inside. The nylon brush is the brush I use the most for general cleaning but in this segment the "steel" brush is what I use to clean that crap off the nail files. Just brush the nail file for about 15-20 seconds and that usually will clean most stuff off. If you have something that is resisting, just take a small knife blade and scrape it slightly until it loosens up and can be brushed off. 

See some of my photo examples.