Friday, April 4, 2008

Old Wenger Handwerker Handworker

Here is an unusual Wenger SAK. This one I was told was called "The HandWerker" and it was a European model not released here in the US. It has older style handles with rivets showing through, and squared off ends. I have never seen another Wenger quite like it. The tools are;
  1. Large Spearpoint Blade
  2. Wood Saw
  3. Pruner Blade
  4. Bottle Opener with Flat Screwdriver Tip
  5. Awl/Reamer
These knives were made for the European market only out of left over parts and usually had dated blades the same as the Standard Issue.

The Awl has the tip broke off and the Pruner blade has a small chip in the edge. Another interesting thing is the steel seems to be different than what I am used to seeing on a Wenger brand knife. Instead of being real smooth and super chrome like shiny it has a kind of texture to it
and is almost gray in color.